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12 of the Best Wedding Proposals you’ve Ever Read!

The Best Proposals Ever

Last month, here at Lily Special Events, we ran a competition to win £250 of wedding venue decor.  Our entrants were asked to share their proposal stories and describe how they got engaged or popped the question… Will You Marry Me.

We read so many beautiful stories and our news feed was bursting with happiness and romance.  So we wanted to keep the good vibes going by sharing a select few stories, of course, we couldn’t narrow it down, so we asked our entrants to volunteer to be featured in our article.  In no particular order, here are the couple’s perfect moments, when they said YES!  The best proposals ever!

1) Brooklyn Bridge Proposal

We got engaged in New York (a Valentine’s surprise booking), he popped the question on the Brooklyn Bridge by giving me the ring attached to a padlock, which we then locked to the bridge as our own momento to NYC’, Robyn Langton shared.  Doesn’t that sound amazing!

2) Breathtaking Tegenungan Waterfall

The lovely Natalie McNaughton shared her story, which started with her fiance Allan booking a surprise trip to Bali, a place that had been on their bucket list.  During their trip, they visited the breathtaking Tegenungan Waterfall, where they met their “tour guide” Gus.  Unbeknown to Natalie, Gus was in fact a local photographer, who Allan had contacted and arranged to come along and capture the special moment.  With the waterfall behind them, Allan took Natalie’s hand, got down and one knee and asked her to marry him.  On reflection Natalie described it as ‘the most magical moment ever and I didn’t expect it in the slightest!’.  You can see a photograph capturing this perfect moment above, credit to

3)  Amongst the Wrapping Paper

Clair Lang described that on Christmas day, her fiancé got down on one knee in amongst the wrapping paper and told her that she had missed a present.   Clair explained ‘It turned out it was him proposing to me’.   We just love a Christmas proposal!

4) Sunset in Cyprus

Amy Quinn described that on their holiday in Cyprus after watching the sunset, on a beach line pathway, her fiance popped the question.  She added ‘I love the way he did though, as my ring is the reflection of the sunset on water’.  How beautiful!

5)  30th Birthday Proposal

‘My fiancé and step son to be, proposed on my 30th birthday in front of our family’, explained Michelle Mc.  Her 3 year old step son held the ring and he asked if she would marry his daddy, with her fiancé behind down him on one knee.  This is so sweet!

6) Edinburgh Castle

Erin Neil shared that her fiancé took her to Edinburgh for 2 nights and surprised her with roses in their hotel room when they arrived.  They spent the evening chatting and enjoying the view of the castle from their room.  The next day, they walked to the highest point of the castle where Erin’s now fiance, asked a couple to take a photograph of them, he looked at the photo and said let’s get another one and asked another couple.  This time he went down on one knee and the couple caught it in a photo!  Erin said ‘I cried so much I was so surprised!’  2 months later they found out they were expecting a baby.  Harvey is 5 months old now and the happy couple get married in Autumn 2019.  And yes, that is the photograph of them.  How lovely! 

7) Rose Petals and Candles

Victoria Finlay-Kerr described coming home from work to a trail of candles on either side of the hall leading into the livingroom and then a heart of candles with a vase of red roses and a massive bar of chocolate.   Victoria wrote ‘ I turned around to speak to him to find him in shirt and trousers down on one knee.  Apparently he had been planning it for months and had got permission from my parents’.  How romantic!

8)  Surprise Party 

Heather Sokolov shared ‘My partner Frank organised a surprise party for my 30th all our friends were sitting waiting in the Torrance Hotel to surprise me. As we Sat down to a lovely meal, Frank clinked his glass and got down on one knee and proposed to me with a beautiful ring.  It was such an emotional day and it was so lovely to have shared such a special moment with all our friends and family’.  Just love this!

9)  New York City Rooftop

Kat Thompson explained that her fiance Brian, took her to New York for a holiday they had wanted since they met.  ‘He proposed on the rooftop of our hotel in Queens overlooking the new york skyline at night. Apart from the birth of our baby boy it was the most magical and unforgettable night of our lives’.  Aw this sounds amazing!

10)  River Cruise in Paris

Kim Gibson shared, ‘my fiance asked me to marry him on a surprise trip to Paris for my birthday.  On a beautiful cruise down the river Seine as we were passing Notre dam, he popped the question’.  How beautiful does that sound!

11)  Christmas Morning Suprise

Elizabeth McInally shared that her fiance, Craig Callery asked her to marry him on Christmas morning.  She was shocked to look out the window and see a banner made from balloons and family photographs.  Elizabeth was delighted that her daughter was involved.  Their wedding is now booked and Elizabeth can’t wait to become Mrs C!  What a lovely surprise!

12)  Romance on Mount Teide

On their holiday to Tenerife, Chenille Philips and her fiance drove up the beautiful Mount Teide.  When Chenille turned around from looking at the amazing views she was presented with an engraved silver box by her now fiance and asked ‘will you marry me?’.  She described that ‘it was meant to be and so are we!’.  Eeee how amazing!

Congratulations to each and every couple

Don’t you agree that these are the best proposals ever.


Thank you from Lily Special Events

Thank you so much to all of our couples who shared their amazing proposal stories, we absolutely loved reading each and every one of them!  And a huge congratulations to Jennifer Clark, our competition winner!  Jennifer is the lucky winner of £250 worth of venue decor for her wedding.  We are delighted to be working with her on dressing her wedding venue.

All the best to each and every couples who shared their best proposals, you can read them all by clicking on this link.

Best proposals stories collated by Lily Special Events

Blog Photo credit to Gus ManUnsplash and Lily Special Events

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