Terms and Conditions

Lily Special Events Terms and Conditions of our own products and service

All goods hired by Lily Special Events are subject to the following Terms and Conditions.

Acceptance of Lily Specials Events goods and/or services is acceptance of these terms and conditions.


  1. Definition

The ‘Supplier’ means Lily special Events.

The ‘Customer’ means the company or individual hiring the goods from the supplier.

The ‘Contract’ means the agreement between the supplier and customer in addition to these terms and conditions.

The ‘Deposit’ means the payment made in advance by the customer and held as security by the supplier.

The ‘Goods’ means all hire products and materials provided by the supplier in connection with the contract.

The ‘Hire Period’ means the time frame which is set out in the contract, which begins when the customer or venue receives delivery of the goods and ends when the supplier collects the goods.

The ‘Hire Price’ means the price which is specified in the contract, paid by the customer to the supplier for supply of goods or services.


  1. Basis of Contract

2.1 All goods remain property of the supplier.

2.2 The supplier shall not be responsible for the injury or damage to persons or property sustained from goods under hire.

During the hire period the customer shall be solely responsible for the hired goods.

2.3 The contract for the hire of goods is between the supplier and the customer, not the venue, unless goods are hired directly by the venue.

2.4 It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the venue is clearly instructed so that these terms and conditions are met.  The supplier will charge the customer for any costs caused by these terms and conditions not being met. If the venue was at fault it is then the customer’s responsibility to reclaim any of these costs.


  1. Security Deposit and Damage Costs

3.1 A refundable security deposit is payable in addition to the hire charge to cover damages to hired goods and must be paid prior to the hire start date.

3.2 All security deposit cheques will be cashed for security purposes.

3.3 Damaged hire goods will be charged at full replacement value including delivery to the supplier.

3.4 The supplier will inform the customer within 30 days in writing of any damaged items and an invoice will be sent outlining any costs exceeding the security deposit.

3.5 The security deposit minus any deductions for damage or loss will be returned to the customer within 30 days of the hire date.

3.6 Charges will be made for any damaged goods including rips, tears, holes and stained by earth, candle wax or grease.

3.7 Only candles supplied by Lily Special Events should be used with the candelabras.  Charges will apply for any candelabras returned which are heavily covered in melted wax, dented or tarnished.

3.8 The customer will not interfere, alter the position or layout of the goods and must use them in a safe and correct way.

3.9 The customer will take adequate measures to protect the goods from damage, theft and other risks.

3.10 The customer will not remove the goods from the delivery venue without written approval by the supplier.

3.11 Goods must be ready for collection at the agreed date, time and location.  Wasted journeys will be charged for.

3.12 The supplier accepts no liability for the use or operation of the goods during the hire period.

3.13 Damaged goods remain the property of the supplier.

3.14 The customer will not continue to use the goods once they have been damaged.

3.15 The customer must not attempt to repair the damaged goods unless authorised to do so by the supplier.

3.16 If goods are not returned at the end of the agreed hire period the supplier retains the right to charge for the cost of replacement goods to honour any bookings where the goods are required and the cost of replacement goods if the hired goods are permanently not returned.


  1. Payment, Delivery and Set Up

4.1 Bookings will only be secure once deposit is received.

4.2 The amount required for the deposit will be clear on the initial invoice.

4.3 Payment due dates will be made clear to the customer on issued invoices.

4.4 All quotations issued by the supplier are valid for 30 days only unless otherwise notified by the supplier in writing.

4.5The supplier will carry out delivery, installation and collection instructions as agreed with the customer prior the hire start date, and will not be responsible for the customer failing to give such instructions.

4.6 If at time of set up we discover that the chairs are not the ones confirmed by the customer or by a delegated member of staff this may result in the customer’s ordered covers not fitting.  In this instance refunds are not possible. To avoid this, the supplier must be notified prior to the hire start date if the venue replaces their chairs.

4.7 The hirer must ensure that a responsible person is at the delivery address to receive the goods.

4.8 Deliveries left at the customers premises unattended are left at the customer’s risk.

4.9 Set up will take place either on the day of the event or the day before and collection will be made on the next working day following the event date.

4.10 It is recommended that the customer covers all hire goods with insurance for the hire period.

4.11 Any items ordered for hire must be paid for in full prior to the hire start date.

4.12 The supplier will accept payment of goods booked for hire by cash, cheque and BACS transfer.

4.13 All customers paying by cheque must have had their cheques cleared prior to receiving any goods.

4.14 We are currently VAT exempt and therefore you do not have to pay VAT on your order.


  1. Cancellation

5.1 All cancellation notices must be received in writing and will result in the forfeit of the deposit and any other monies paid.

5.2 All cancellation notices made within 6 months of the event date will result in 50% of remaining balance being due.  This is due within 30 days of cancellation notice being received.

5.3  All cancellation notices made within 1 month of the event date will result in 75% of remaining balance being due.  This is due within 30 days of cancellation notice being received.


  1. Conditions

6.1 We shall make all efforts at all times to carry out all orders accepted, it must be a condition that we shall not be responsible for any loss sustained as a result of delay or failed delivery caused by breakdowns, accidents, fire, flood, abnormal weather conditions or any other causes out with our control.


  1. Disclaimer

7.1 Whilst all care has been taken when compiling this website we acknowledge that the site may include some typographical errors.

7.2 Lily Special Events can accept no responsibility from reliance upon any data contained here.

7.3 Lily Special Events are committed to expanding and updating goods and services and therefore reserve the right to withdraw or edit any of the goods detailed on this website at any time without any prior notice.

Acceptance of Lily Specials Events goods and/or services is acceptance of these terms and conditions.

By accepting these terms and conditions the customer declares complying with any legal requirements.

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